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Baptiste Giabiconi Gossip news

Tue, 25 Sep 2012 - 12:18 GMT +1
Vanessa Paradis is dating Carla Bruni’s ex-lover, thanks to Karl Lagerfeld

Vanessa Paradis Karl Lagerfeld

I’ve finally figured out that Karl Lagerfeld is more than just an (overrated?) German designer and daddy to Princess Choupette. He’s also a matchmaker too! Remember how Katy Perry conveniently started “dating” Lagerfeld’s vapid muse, the so-called highest paid male model in the world, Baptiste Giabiconi? Well, that little romance didn’t last long (for obvious reasons), but Uncle Karl is not to be deterred. Now he’s gone and set up Vanessa Paradis, with whom he rubbed nips with in the above photo, which was taken at a Chanel Versailles event in May. Of course, Vanessa and Karl have been tight for years, but as far as I know, this is the first time Karl has set her up with a gentleman. Or so I assume this dude is a gentleman:

Benjamin Biolay

Who’s the lucky guy? Benjamin Biolay, who is a French musician who has already been linked to Vanessa in a Star story from a few months ago and was supposedly quite useful at making Johnny Depp jealous. So I guess it’s official now, thanks to Karl, and now the Mail has an interesting tidbit about how Carla Bruni allegedly used to hook up with Benjamin too. This is according to some pesky rumors about how Carla and Nicolas Sarkozy were both cheating on each other in 2010, and Carla was supposedly cheating with Benjamin. Then all of a sudden, Carla came up pregnant in early 2011. I don’t really think there’s ever been a formal question of whether or not the baby was actually Sarko’s child, but the timing may have been pretty close. Anyway, that’s all presumably over by now because Vanessa has captured Benjamin’s heart:

Carla Bruni Nicholas Sarkozy

Vanessa Paradis is back in the dating game following her split from
Pirates Of The Caribbean star Johnny Depp. The French singer broke up with the Hollywood superstar earlier this year after 14 years together.

Now she is seeing Benjamin Biolay, who is an ex of France’s former First Lady, Carla Bruni. Singer Biolay, 39, was introduced to Vanessa by Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld.

“They’re the same age and have similar backgrounds in music, so Karl was keen for them to meet,” says a Paris spy. “They have even recorded a duet called ‘Enjoy’ on Benjamin’s latest album. They plan to promote and tour the album together next spring.”

It was revealed in June that Depp and Vanessa had separated. The couple have two children together — Lily-Rose, 13, and ten-year-old Jack. Rumours began to surface about a split between the pair earlier this year – the couple had not been seen at a public event together since 2010, and the French singer had not attended any of the promotional events for Depp’s recent films Dark Shadows or The Rum Diary.

The pair ended the speculation when they announced their separation in June, with Depp linked to his Rum Diary co-star Amber Heard, while Paradis is said to have moved on with French businessman Guy-David Gharbi, according to reports.

[From Daily Mail]

Small world those French celebrities live in, right? Of course, French social circles are probably equally as (figuratively) incestuous as Hollywood ones. Everyone has slept with everyone else, but now Vanessa is sleeping with a man who was allegedly banging the French First Lady while her husband was in office. Crazy stuff, and I think Vanessa can really do better. This guy is no looker for sure.

Benjamin Biolay

Vanessa Paradis

Photos courtesy of WENN

wenn3881407 wenn5480635 wenn3865836 wenn3949681 wenn5443282

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Mon, 23 Apr 2012 - 16:44 GMT +1
Katy Perry and Robert Ackroyd: Kissing at Coachella!

Katy Perry and Robert Ackroyd may or may not be "dating" but they are definitely hooking up. These photos of them at Coachella leave no doubt about that.

The pop sensation and the Florence and The Machine guitarist, who were also spotted together at the music festival last weekend, were all over each other.

According to some reports, Katy, who was linked to Baptiste Giabiconi just last month, was already referring to him as her "boyfriend." One can see how:

Katy Perry and Robert Ackroyd

Looks like Perry is ready to move on from her soon-to-be ex-husband Russell Brand, who filed for divorce back in December after 14 months of marriage.

Brand and Perry have been on relatively good terms since then, with Brand refusing to make a play for Katy''s money and expressing nary a harsh word.

He''s even keeping the tattoo he got in honor of her. Who said all breakups had to be contentious? Anyway, here''s more photos of Katy and Robert Ackroyd:

Katy Perry KissingKaty Perry, Robert AckroydKaty Perry, New Boyfriend

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]

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- Katy Perry: Coachella, Here I Come!
Mon, 26 Mar 2012 - 15:28 GMT +1
Katy Perry Covers Rihanna, Lady Gaga in Concert

Katy Perry channeled two of her contemporaries this weekend with a cover of Rihanna''s "Only Girl" and Lady Gaga''s "Born This Way" in Manchester (UK).

The singer has teased an upcoming collaboration with Rihanna - though it''s unclear what that will entail specifically - and paid homage to her BFF here.

Perry has been touring Europe, where she''s been linked to model Baptiste Giabiconi, in the wake of her surprising divorce from zany comic Russell Brand.

Take a listen to the live Gaga-Rihanna medley below ...

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Wed, 21 Mar 2012 - 12:10 GMT +1
Did Katy Perry diss Beyonce and Shakira while talking up a Rihanna collaboration?

A few weeks ago Katy Perry was prancing around Paris Fashion Week and got herself linked up (gossip-wise) with the highest-paid male male model in the world, Baptiste Giabiconi. At the time, many of you found the idea quite amusing because Baptiste is widely known as the muse to Karl Lagerfeld, which may or may not carry certain other implications. Further, the photos of Baptiste and Katy sitting in the front row of the Chanel show seemed to indicate that these two were not interested in each other at all.

Well Katy’s been hanging out in London over the past few days, and throughout this post, I’ve included photos of the various “wacky” outfits that she’s worn around town. But more important to our current interests is the fact that (according to the Fame/Flynet photo agency) she and Baptiste arrived together in a Eurostar in London on Monday. So are they just feeding the rumors, or are they truly seeing each other? Who knows. Whatever the case, I think Katy has moved towards using a blue wig instead of touching up her own roots.

In the meantime, here’s some more Katy-oriented drama. The blue-haired one has been accused of dissing Beyonce and Shakira by telling BBC Radio 1 that their song, “Beautiful Liar,” is essentially the exact opposite of what she wants to record during her rumored future collaboration with Rihanna. Here’s the dress that Katy wore during the interview as well as her slightly sanctimonious words that have launched a mini-controversy:

Diva dis!

Katy Perry made a subtle dig at fellow pop superstar Beyonce during a recent interview with BBC Radio 1 (via PopDust).

Perry, 27, is in the midst of planning a duet with her BFF Rihanna. “We’ve collaborated on a lot of things, but just not songs yet,” the “Part of Me” singer said. “It’s one of those things that’s got so much build up that we have to deliver.”

And Perry she knows just what she doesn’t want the song to sound like. “I want it to be like that Eurythmics and Aretha Franklin song ‘Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves,’” she said of a classic female empowerment tune from 1985. “Not ‘Beautiful Liar.’”

“Beautiful Liar” would be Beyonce’s smash 2007 collaboration with Shakira, which hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

Perry added of her not-yet-record Rihanna ditty: “How disappointed would you be if that song came out and it’s no good? Sometimes you have to wait for greatness.”

[From Us Magazine]

Miss Katy sounds so sure of herself, doesn’t she? Kaiser thinks she’s completely “full of herself,” which is certainly the case, but I don’t know why we’d expect otherwise from a spoiled pop princess. Yet this may not be the diss that Us is making it out to be. If I understand the meaning of “Beautiful Liar” correctly (and I don’t claim to know that much about pop music), the lyrics reference two women who (unbeknownst to each other) are dating the same man, and when they discover this fact, both women decide he’s not worth it and dump his sorry ass. So all Katy is really saying is that she’d prefer to forgo that kind of backstory and just crank out a more straightforward female empowerment tune instead. Of course, Katy and Rihanna will probably screw it up, but we’ll have to wait and see.

As far as the “controversy” with Katy’s statement is concerned, it really doesn’t exist at all. Honestly, the only surprise in this story is that Katy chose to mention Beyonce’s collaboration with Shakira instead of taking aim at Beyonce and Lady Gaga’s “Telephone.” Now that would’ve been a diss.

Here’s Katy with a softer-looking hairdo that doesn’t seem nearly as wiggy as in the above photos. I’m thinking this is her more “natural” blue hair, which doesn’t look that bad in these pin curls at all.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet

FFN_BIG_Perry_Katy4_031912_8888046 FFN_CHP_PerryGiabiconi_Out_031912_8888449 FFN_BIG_Perry_Katy_031912_8887113 FFN_BIG_Perry_Katy_031912_8887114 FFN_FlynetUKFF_Perry_Katy2_031912_8887952 FFN_FlynetUKFF_Perry_Katy2_031912_8887954

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Mon, 12 Mar 2012 - 16:28 GMT +1
Is Katy Perry dating Baptiste Giabiconi, the highest paid male model in the world?

Last week, Katy Perry was all about showing off her alternatingly hardcore, wacky, and butt-baring outfits at Paris Fashion Week. Now an odd little story has filtered out of the post-celebratory residue, and Katy is being “linked” to a French male model named Baptiste Giabiconi. Of course, he’s not just any model — he’s the most highly paid male model in the world. This story sounds a bit off to me and partially based upon the front row seating arrangement at the Chanel show, where Katy was stationed right next to Baptiste. Based upon catwalk photos from the show, they don’t seem terribly interested in each other, but the Mail thinks otherwise:

The ink is only just dry on her divorce papers but Katy Perry is clearly a girl who believes in moving forward as soon as possible. And if today’s reports are anything to go by, the pop star is doing just that with a sexy male model from France.

The Teenage Dream singer has been linked with Baptiste Giabiconi, who is the highest paid male model in the world. According to Celebzter.com, the pair met during Paris Fashion Week at the Chanel runaway show.

A source said: “He was sitting next to her at the show. Then we all had dinner the other night, they were holding hands and looking cozy, and now they are inseparable.”

Princess Kasia Al-Thani, a close friend of Baptiste, added that the 22-year-old hunk is “smitten” with Katy. She said: “Baptiste is an incredible model, musician, and humanitarian. He is a great guy and he’s totally smitten, and Katy is the perfect girl for him.”

The Sun also reported that the pair were spotted out last night outside a five-star hotel in the city and looked very cosy together.

And a source told the paper: “They were with a group of people, but they looked very much like a couple in love. He was never more than a foot away from her and they were very flirty. They made a very good-looking couple.”

Celebzter.com also reported that the pair were supposed to have a romantic dinner date just the two of them this week but there was a fire near her hotel.

The source added: “Baptiste ordered her the biggest bouquet of flowers and they could not deliver them, the florist Lachaume is also near the fires. He’s crushed.”

Baptiste has modelled for Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, Roberto Cavalli and Giorgio Armani.

[From Daily Mail]

Outside the venue after the Chanel presentation, Katy had a little photo op with Baptiste and Karl Lagerfeld. Yes, Baptiste is very pretty, but I honestly don’t see anything resembling electrical sparks between the two of them. I mean, Katy seems much more interested in schmoozing with Karl than anything else in these photos.

Meanwhile, Katy’s father, Keith Hudson, would like the world to know that he doesn’t know a damn thing about Baptiste. However, he’d like to inform everyone that he’s still text-based BFFs with Russell Brand:

“There are no hard feelings towards Russell — I just received a text from him the other day in fact. He is a wonderful and smart guy,” Hudson said of British comic Brand, 36, who filed for divorce in late December after 14 months of marriage; the split will be finalized this June.

“Katy is doing well just now, ” her dad said. What went wrong with the oddball marriage? According to Keith, “Her career got really busy and she did not get to see that much of Russell — it was just one of those things.”

While in Paris, Perry was romantically linked to sexy male model Baptiste Giabiconi. So far, her dad’s in the dark about that rumor. “I don’t know anything about this male model guy,” he said. “She is healthy and happy now!”

[From Us Weekly]

I kind of doubt that Katy shares her father’s goodwill towards Russell in the aftermath of the divorce. In the past, she’s said that no one speaks for her, not even her family, so this is probably a case of Keith speaking out on his own again just because there’s a microphone in his face. It’s also mildly telling that Keith has never heard any mention of Baptiste. I also doubt that there’s anything going on between Katy and this dude besides the possibility of a quick fling. Baptiste just looks so vacant, but then again, maybe that’s exactly what Katy needs right now — a fling with a pretty, vacant male model.

Photos courtesy of WENN

wenn5805444 wenn3766772 wenn5805407 wenn5805408 wenn5805409 wenn3769014 wenn3769016

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Fri, 9 Mar 2012 - 18:50 GMT +1
Katy Perry’s Banging The World’s Highest Paid Male Model Now
Katy Perry French Model Baptisite Giabiconi Katy Perry French Model Baptisite Giabiconi Katy Perry French Model Baptisite Giabiconi Katy Perry French Model Baptisite Giabiconi Katy Perry French Model Baptisite Giabiconi Katy Perry French Model Baptisite Giabiconi Katy Perry French Model Baptisite Giabiconi
While Katy Perry‘s exposed cleavage has been relatively scant here in Merka, she’s been putting them on a goddamn pedestal for the past week while attending Paris Fashion Week which probably has a lot to do with them landing her the softly gilded schlong of Baptiste Giabiconi, the world’s highest paid male model. Via The Read More ...

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